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I’m Ogheneakpobor Ojagbiwhru-u. It’s tongue-twisting, right? That’s why I go with the shortened form of it and my dad’s first name: Akpobor Joseph.

Quite frankly, I’m new to Affiliate Marketing; but I’ve devoted hundreds of  hours, weeks, months, studying countless videos, web posts, info-graphics, listening to podcasts, engaging various successful Affiliate Marketers in different online forums in an effort to know what it’s about and how to use it to empower anyone interested in making good money through legitimate means.

My research has led me to this amazing conclusion: you can make good money through Affiliate Marketing!

Are you an employee who:

  • feels the time, resources, energy, you put into your job is not well compensated by the salary you receive?
  • is really pissed with the unreasonable demands and expectations of your bosses?
  • wants out of your present job because it denies you precious time with the people that matter most to you – your family and friends?
  • because of your limited education, feels your boss treats you like he’s taken an oath to ensure you die wretched?

Then I’m convinced that The Smart Earner is for you.

Wondering if I can relate with those experiences? Be the judge by the time you’re done reading my story.


My Story

The Smart Earner was borne out of the frustration of working for a boss who was really hard to please; a boss who was bent on making me feel, not only less than a man, but being unable to achieve things in my life without him. Who sets unreachable targets intent on watching you try hard to meet those targets, and when you’re almost there, shifts the goal post.

Surprisingly, there was an awkward reason for his actions: cutting off your agreed wages so you’d be at his beck and call, always.

My employment letter states, “Working hours: 7:00am-4:00pm, Working days: Monday-Friday.” I was really happy when I read those, because I had always wanted to run my side hustle. I thought I would have some spare time to run my own business.

Just 2 days into working there, I realized I’m doomed to leaving work after 8:00pm, even on most Sundays.

Do you feel sorry for me? Please, don’t be! These experiences made me think of a way out of this rat race – always working for the next paycheck. Funny enough, the paychecks never cover for half my expenses for the month.

To be honest with you, I do not wish for you to stay as long as I did in this ugly working condition.

You’ve got it, friend.

So, be the judge. Do I relate with those experiences I stated earlier?

I think I know your answer already. Lol.


The Smart Earners’ goal

I launched this website for two reasons:

  1. to teach you how to make money through Affiliate Marketing.
  2. to help you practice what you’re learning by providing very honest reviews of Affiliate Programs that you can join and start living your dreams.

Every posts you’ll find here will be geared towards these two goals. I’m committed to researching every keyword and every review that I’ll post on this website.

You need relevant, quality contents to excel online.

Let me make you a promise: I’ll be spending my time, energy and resources to giving you relevant, high quality contents that’re sure to help you get faster to your goal of making money online and eventually kicking your boss’ ass.

In conclusion, remember that Affiliate Marketing success is a journey, not a sprint. And I’ll be glad if you’d follow me all the way in this journey.

Once again, welcome to The Smart Earner.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be glad to help you out.


Akpobor Joseph


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